A country that needs no introduction. Italy can be the travel playground of your imagination.

Explore Italy

A trip to Italy is to cast a curse upon oneself. The sheer depth of history and culture plus the wealth of natural and man-made treasures mean no one trip to this boot-shaped nation is enough. Once you have a taste you will want to return over and over. You will fall under its spell like so many before you. Visions of the beguiling cities, aftertastes of the gelato on your tongue, the sheer romance of the hilltop villages surrounded by fields of sunflowers – all will creep into your regular life and ruin you forevermore. Nothing will satisfy your desires other than another trip to this truly spectacular Mediterranean country.

Getting here and around

Italy has many international airports offering direct connections, but visitors will likely land in Rome, Milan or Venice. Domestic flights are preferable for longer distances. On the ground, the best mode of transport depends on your intended destination. The narrow roads can be tricky but few experiences can beat driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini across the countryside. The railways are a decent option, as is a private yacht for exploring the coast and visiting islands.

Climate & seasons

Italy has something to offer year-round. Winter is snow season in the Italian Alps and that means a trip to the ski slopes of the Dolomites. Spring and Autumn – the months of April, May, September and October – are ideal for avoiding the crowds and the heat. The pleasant temperature of these shoulder months are superb for sightseeing and exploring Italy’s historic towns and cities. Summer can be hot and busy but it’s also prime beach and yachting season.

Where to go

Italy truly has something for all tastes. Relax by the blissful northern lakes of Como and Lago di Garda. Ski or hike the snowy peaks of the Italian Alps. Lose yourself in the canals of Venice. Shop in the fashion capit