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Soaring skyscrapers bedecked in neon, welcoming the dreamers for another night of Vegas reverie. Energies collide, lights converge, the party rolls on with the dice and the hospitality is on another level. Nevada can be the wildest of places, whether you’re on a night out in Las Vegas or hiking in Death Valley, because nature is the other highlight of this contradictory state. And whether you’re flying in for 48 hours of urban spectacle, or flying out by helicopter to the Grand Canyon, Nevada will always keep you entertained.

Explore Nevada

You can fly direct to Las Vegas from Munich, or take a two-leg flight from almost any of the major European airlines. Roads out of Vegas make for some lonely and splendid desert trips, but it’s far more Vegas to travel onwards by helicopter.

Climate & seasons

Get inside Las Vegas and it could be any time and day of the year, such is the artificial world of the casinos. While the summers are super hot you’ll be in air conditioning almost all of the time, so there’s no particularly wrong time to visit. Winters can be cool at night and there’s hardly a drop of rain, ever.

Where to go

There’s always something new in Vegas and a trip to the big city is all about what’s hot and what’s on now. The Grand Canyon is actually located in Arizona, but Vegas is the closest major city, a short chopper ride or half-day drive. Death Valley is not so far away in the opposite direction, straddling Nevada and California. Lost in the desert you’ll find crumbling ghost towns and some stunning desert parks.

What to do

Vegas is the city of dreamers and it’s amazing how quickly you are immersed in the action. Playing slot machines in the first casino you see isn’t how to do Vegas though. It’s a city with many hyper-exclusive experiences, in and out of the casinos. Even the best hotels are on a massive scale here, so bear in mind that your hotel is a destination within a destination. Just getting from reception to your room is a mini-adventure past gambling halls, restaurants and parties.

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