To holiday in Mexico is to expect the unexpected. In the best possible form. You never know which aspect of this magnificent country you'll enjoy next.

Explore Mexico

A turquoise abyss faces you on a private beach in Riviera Maya. The pace is peaceful this afternoon. It varies from the excitement of diving that morning. It complements the lively sensations of Mexico City the night before. From each base arises a new experience. Every moment is standalone yet equally synchronised. Thus is the spirit of Mexico. It beats in vibrant, everfolding ways.

Getting here and around

Mexico offers multiple entry points, with convenient direct flights regularly leaving Europe. Most flyers will land in Mexico City or Cancun, however those continuing onto Los Cabos will most likely layover in the capital or take a connection via the US. The lack of a state rail network makes domestic flights best for long distances, and car chauffeurs most swift for short. Early departures are advised to avoid traffic in big cities.

Climate & seasons

The dry season runs from November to March, during which weather is most prime. June to October is considered the rainy season, with August through to October being the wettest months. September is recognised as hurricane season, though this is rare.

Where to go

There is much variety to choose from in this huge, enriching state. For white sand beaches, resort hubs like Playa Del Carmen, Cancun and Tulum are great, though they do get busy. Cenotes, colonial towns and Mayan heritage are plentiful in Yucatan, with the most popular site naturally being Chichen Itza. Vibrant nightlife, food and history make Mexico City another worthy destination, while coastal Baja California is trendy for its dramatic shores and high-end hotel scene, especially amongst Americans. All spots have been refined for tourism, making them unforgettable and perfectly safe. For a more raw side, Oaxaca, Puerto Vallarta and the rugged landscapes of Copper Canyon will not disappoint.

What to do

With a wealth of sandy stretches to choose from, beach and hotel leisure is bountiful in this colourful nation. Idle pleasure is balanced by an array of diverse experiences, from swimming in stunning cenotes to exploring ancient Mayan temples and quaint old towns. You could watch Lucha Libre, Day of the Dead festivities or Formula 1 in Mexico City, or snorkel the famed Mesoamerican Reef. Tequila tastings and food tours are in abundance. Day trips to neighbouring Belize or Guatemala can also be arranged.

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