Secret Roman Treasures - Insider Tour

Tucked away within plain sight amid the busy streets of Rome, the San Clemente Basilica stands arched and elegant. Home to immersive fresco decorations and centuries-old underground ruins, this three-tiered medieval church has much history to explore.

Among its interior, sculpted in a half dome is the apse mosaic. A thing of wonder, take a moment to cast your gaze upon its mystic figures. Set upon a stunning gold background, cosmic patterns and sacred artistry combine. In the company of a local fanatic, you finally descend to the second level. The buried basilica you find here used to house a Roman nobleman. You marvel at the eerie ambience still inhabiting these walls.

Next you arrive at the third level, where immersive Roman ruins rest. The debris before you was once a Pagan temple, now enveloped by the earth itself. Back on the surface, one last treat awaits, as you step into a private area visible only to a select few. For in this space are ancient pieces, each a treasure capturing the essence of the empire’s most glorious days.

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