Prepare for slow days, white sands and rich flavours. Plus the boundless spirit of the people and the pure joy this island presents.

Explore Jamaica

A close Caribbean escape just 90 minutes from Miami, Jamaica serves tropical luxury galore. If you want authenticity, this place is ripe with it. Watch as the island reveals diverse layers in bountiful displays. From the reggae pulsing through the streets to flowing rum variations, life is potently cherished here.

Getting here and around

Travellers departing from Central Europe can opt to stop in London. From here, direct flights to Kingston are conveniently frequent. Alternatively, one can fly to the US, where several cities on the east coast also offer direct passage. Once on the island, hiring a car, chauffeur or taxi is best to get around. Jamaica is relatively easy to drive in, and most distances are small.

Climate & seasons

Peak season spans from mid-December to April. During this time, temperatures are most pleasant but the country attracts big crowds. June to November comprises the wet season, characterised by heavy showers. The short gaps between the two seasons could quite possibly be the sweet spot.

Where to go

Jamaica’s western shorelines see the most bustle, with tourism operating year-round. Laidback Negril in the far west is home to award-winning Seven Mile Beach. To the north, Montego Bay is where most luxury hotels are settled. Beside this, Ocho Rios is another vacationer hotspot. Of all the island’s coasts, the south is perhaps most wild. Sparsely-populated, the beaches are still pristine and a paradise for ocean lovers. Then there's the capital Kingston, where you can visit Bob Marley’s old residence. Not far from the city, the Blue Mountains provide epic backdrops and eastwards adventure.

What to do

Intrepid travellers and lovers of the outdoors have much to revel in, for this is a natural playground full of experiences. Consider horseback riding trails and waterfall hikes just a sneak peek. Next, hedonists have shopping, fine dining and five-star stays at their disposal, where luxuriant sands seduce with daily strolls. Finally, cultural history buffs have a kaleidoscope to uncover. After all, the national motto “out of many, one people” rings truer than ever. See for yourself through reggae, local customs, rum tastings and street food.

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