Bespoke Luxury Fragrance in Florence


Nothing is more personal than your scent. So what if you wore an inimitable fragrance — a perfume created just for you?

A master perfumer will take care of this. During a private session, they will help you discover the scents you love most, what is your personal style, and what fragrances best represent it. Maybe you have a breezy personality, well matched by dominant citrus notes. If you are deep and passionate, you may identify more with woody fragrances. The fresh and sweet fougère fragrances convey your secret gentleness. Floral, oriental, fruity — the perfumer will combine the finest raw materials to create a unique perfume that matches who you are.

If you like, you can also have a set of luxury skincare products customized with your bespoke fragrance. To go through the world leaving a unique scent in the air — does this sound like you?

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