Special Venice Tour with Private Gondola & Guide


The lush canal lanes of Venice make for a magical playground. As you cruise the city in your very own gondola, give in to the allure of this enchanting water maze. Listen to ancient stories and local insight, for a private boat trip is easily the best way to explore.

You’ve seen the paintings. You’ve listened to songs, but it doesn’t take long to realise no words can do it justice. The true essence of this historic port town can only be captured live. In the company of a native guide, prepare to unearth a new side.

Together, visit museums and monuments whilst contemplating art. Observe the bustling culture of various districts, as you cross the Grand Canal. Another perk to your exclusive excursion is that it can be entirely customised. Combine the ride with a romantic dinner. Or extend your wanderings with an immersive walking tour. Let the many spoils of this celebrated harbour dazzle, as live music plays into the evening and effortlessly enchants.

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