Filip Paces

Travel Designer


7 years


Family Travel

90% occupied


Travel has always been how I clear my head, live in the moment and feel the freedom of exploration. New and unusual places excite me. I remember driving a friend from East Bohemia to Denmark, a road trip to Chernobyl, and so many small boutique hotels full of personality and soul. 

I joined EliteVoyage as a travel designer when the company was founded. For me, the essence of travel is to bond and create shared experiences. When creating trips I really consider everyone in the group, grandparents to grandchildren. So everyone gains their own experiences, memories and insights. 

This means I’m known to spend countless hours on the phone, empathising with the needs and travel ideas of clients. You may also find me in a new city, looking thoughtfully at stairs and railings. If you do, I’m not lost, I’m wondering how to ride it on my skateboard.

My favourite places