Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel - After Hours Access


Take a walk through regal history, as you enjoy the delights of the Vatican to yourself for the evening. In this exclusive after-hours tour, unsaid truths reveal themselves. Listen to sacred stories and centuries-old secrets, as you relish the richness of a behind-the-scenes lens.

This is a private two-hour visit in the cover of night, letting you escape the crowds and skip all queues. As you enter from the VIP entrance, the silence is palpable at once. Vast marble interiors present themselves alluringly as you advance from room to room, the only sound permeating from the steps you and your companion take.

Led by a local guide and Vatican expert, the grandeur of these halls serenade effortlessly. With each new corner and collection comes insight into a thriving cultural chapter. Observe Roman statues and contemplate the perfect body. Pick apart Michelangelo’s famous frescoes within the Sistine Chapel. Wander on through Rome’s most iconic treasures at your own pace, savouring a type of solitude saved for special guests.

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