Traditional Sardinia Farmhouse & Dining Experience

Delve into the raw heritage of Sardinia, on a visit that takes you beyond the typical tourist trap. This is an authentic journey to a traditional village farmhouse, letting you explore the island’s ancient culture, its delectable cuisine and unhurried way of life.

Your half day excursion begins with a private drop-off. The sound of native instruments welcomes you as you arrive at the Agriturismo - a classical ranch - and take in its picturesque thatched roofs. The land bustles with activity, yet holds an equally tranquil pace. You get acquainted with the owners, embracing their friendly and humble approach.

Next comes an optional tour, offering insight into the processes that occur here and the purpose behind each space. A special dining experience follows as you settle in by the fire. Laid out before you is an aperitif of crisp wines and appetisers, including homemade bread, cold cuts and regional pecorino cheese. With each fresh course comes a new story, as you discuss history, contemplate politics and revel in the most authentic of personal exchange.

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