Australia lingers long with every impression. Burning red desert to bursting metropolis, aboriginal lifestyle to surf culture, tropical beaches to tranquil vineyards, up close with kangaroos to being alone on a Pacific island. Then all the secrets in between. Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru… welcome to a country of icons, with 30,000 kilometres of coastline and so much to explore. It’s never about whether you want to go. Who isn’t inspired to travel in this incredible country? The question is how to transform Australia from bucket list fantasy to dream holiday reality.

Explore Australia

It’s a long flight to Australia but it’s only two legs to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane, with Emirates or Qatar Airways. Flights are the best way to get around the country, as the distances are enormous, although a couple of luxury long-distance trains are interesting alternatives. And if you like a road trip there’s nowhere like Australia.

Climate & seasons

Australia is best during its summer, with the best travel between November to March. Note that many destinations are a lot hotter than Europe is in summer. Travel during the Australian winter and cities like Sydney and Melbourne can be quite damp and dark. But the desert, Queensland, Northern Territories and West Coast Australia are refreshingly cooler than their 40-degree summer highs.

Where to go

Flying across Australia takes five hours. Driving across takes at least five days and you won’t see much other than a few kangaroos and desert outposts. So don’t try to go everywhere. Sydney is iconic and vibrant. Melbourne is more cultural and artistic. The West Coast has spectacular beaches, vineyards and lots of space. The East Coast has the world’s longest reef and oldest rainforest. There is so much to explore you’ll need more than one trip. And even if you focus on just one area you’ll have weeks of experiences to enjoy.

What to do

Australia is an endless bucket list for the curious explorer. Drive a Jeep over a remote Pacific island, helicopter to a weekend in the vineyards, discover remarkable levels of privacy and exclusivity. Australia is very diverse and our recommendation is to try a little of its three special sides - beach, city and nature. The accommodation is fantastic as well, especially some of the remote lodges.

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