Pasta-Making Rendezvous in Florence

When it comes to pasta-making, Florence is the place to be. Cooking classes here are intimate. The local chefs show expertise. Knead, roll and cut your way through the various pasta shapes. Immerse yourself in sauce components that are organic and locally-grown.

The workshop will last about 3.5 hours, during which you will prepare an appetiser, two pasta dishes with sauce, and of course a dessert. A cherishable feast will follow, paired with a glass of fine Italian wine. This elevates the taste of the authentic offerings laid before you, though the freshness of the meal itself radiates plenty of flavour and flair.

This is a hands-on cooking class catered to all tastes. Families with kids will appreciate the creativity. Couples can enjoy the romance of a privately homemade wine and dine. Dietary needs can be accommodated, and the team welcomes any special requests. Savour generous plates draped in the region’s history. Soak up old Tuscan secrets, beside printed recipe souvenirs that let you replicate the experience back home.

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