Panama is a pure explorer destination and a really interesting addition to a multi-country holiday in Latin America. But whisper that quietly, because Panama could be the next big destination in the Americas.

Explore Panama

More than just a famous canal, Panama is a treasure trove of new experiences and a destination that goes far under the radar. Caribbean beaches, thick rainforests, coastal mangroves, Pacific beaches, coffee plantations, rum boutiques and isolated islands. Plus the enchantment of Panama City!

Getting here and around

Fly to Panama City from airports in Western Europe, or fly from a Latin American neighbour such as Costa Rica or Colombia. There are a couple of smaller airports to make internal travel easier, as this long and thin country can take some time to get around by road.

Climate & seasons

There’s no real best or worst time to visit this country near the equator, where the daily highs hover around 30℃ all year. Tropical rain is a given on most days along the Caribbean coast, while the Pacific side is wetter in the second half of the year.

Where to go

Not many people venture past Panama City, a compelling capital city juxtaposing the old and new of Latin America. The canal is an easy half-day trip from here, but unless you like engineering and container ships it’s not so interesting. Fly north to Bocas del Toro and some magical beaches and mangroves on the Caribbean, like Tranquilo Bay. Head to the Chiriqui Highlands for coffee and culture, then down to tropical Pacific plains around David. One secret for you is the San Blas islands, a string of highly remote and autonomous white-sand islands in the Caribbean Sea.

What to do

Panama has similar appeals to neighbouring Costa Rica, it’s just not so trendy or well known. Drink rum, relax on beaches, search for quetzals and take a luxury yacht onto the Caribbean. Wine and dine, then meet the Kuna people and get down to earth. There’s a lot of nature, plenty of quiet beaches, and a very distinctive city chic in Panama City as well.

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