Submit to the thrills of Sweden, of which there are many. Sweden is raw, authentic and encourages discovery.

Explore Sweden

Revel in wanton activities, hand-picked for you. It begins with a stroll through the cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan. Next, you’re sampling Scandinavian specialties in vibrant Gothenburg. As you head deeper into the north, things take a turn for the adventurous. We’re talking heli-skiing on snow-capped mountains, and scenic hikes through alpine woods.

Getting here and around

Well-connected capital Stockholm is the main point of entry for visitors, though Gothenburg in the south also offers good connections. For those planning to explore the far north, expect a transit at either of these airports, unless you have the budget for a private jet and want to gain flexibility. It’s not uncommon to arrive by car either, mainly through the Oresund Bridge connecting to Denmark. However, unlike Norway's fjord area, Sweden isn’t really a road trip country. To cover long distances, a flight by plane or helicopter is usually best.

Climate & seasons

Early June to late September affords long days and warmer weather. It is an ideal time for city breaks as well as nature exploration, with several festivals also occurring during these months, such as the Midsummer celebrations held in late June. For skiing, snow experiences and sightings of the northern lights, the winter months of December to March are indisputably best.

Where to go

For first time visits, Stockholm and its stunning archipelago is perfect for an initial stop. The old town, Gamla Stan, is simply breathtaking. Alongside this, Skansen and the Vasa Museum are not to be missed. Gothenburg is great for weekend getaways, with its eclectic mix of dining, history and artsy scene. The best skiing is found close to the Norwegian borders, in Are, Salen or Riksgransen. For coastal scenes, check out Bohuslän. Meanwhile, Dalarna boasts handicraft tradition, however both host epic solstice feasts. Lake lovers will adore the tranquility of an abundant supply of lakes. Finally, Sweden’s largest island, Gotland is notable for its fishing villages, ancient ruins and medieval charm.

What to do

From the history and culture seeped in Stockholm to yacht cruises and kayaking across Swedish lakes, holidayers here are truly spoilt for choice. Hikers, skiers and nature lovers will all be entertained. You could be visiting a Sami village in Lapland one day, then witnessing the dance of the northern lights the next. From ice-formed accommodations to the iconic Treehotel, even the act of sleeping is a special affair.

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