Wide open spaces invite the adventurer within you, for this is Canada, home of many of the most extraordinary landscapes of all. So breathe in the clean air, embrace the sense of freedom, and get out into the great outdoors.

Explore Canada

Dramatic Rocky Mountains soar above misty forests and grizzly bears. Ski slopes and glaciers unfurl towards empty beaches. Yet Canada is more than good looks and wilderness. You’ll also explore vibrant cities, contrasting cultures, extraordinary food and a thriving art and design scene. Sprawling across six time zones and various cultures, it’s a destination where every day can deliver that unbelievable cocktail-party story for back home.

Getting here and around

Canada is huge - flying from Montreal to Vancouver takes almost six hours. Toronto in the east and Vancouver in the west have good flight connections to Europe, including to Vienna and Munich. Toronto is often the starting point as it’s the most convenient flight to the country. Canada is amazing for a road trip, but for this we recommend sticking to a specific area, rather than trying to go cross-country, something better done on a plane. There’s a good network of domestic flights and it’s easy to extend a Canada trip with the USA, for example New York or Los Angeles.

Climate & seasons

For most visitors Canada is a summer destination. Warmer weather, clear skies and long days mean June to September is paradise for discovering the outdoors. The winter ski season is from November to May, but beyond the ski resorts these are not the most comfortable months for exploration. There are contrasts between provinces, especially British Columbia, which is warmer for longer than the others. Overall, autumn brings beautiful colours to the landscapes and spring is wet, while winter is cold and dark.

Where to go

Ontario is an easy place to start, as you can fly to Toronto for a city experience and visit Niagara Falls. French-speaking Quebec is also on the East Coast, a very intriguing destination based around quirky Montreal. The most awe-inspiring nature is in the west, in British Columbia and neighbouring Alberta. These provinces are the Canada from your imagination, with massive mountains, wilderness lodges, thick forests and so much to do. If we had to pick only one it would be British Columbia, but combining the two is straightforward.

What to do

Cultivate Canada as your own private outdoor playground. Hiking, biking, skating, kayaking, skiing, a helicopter to a glacier, riding a panoramic train through the mountains and spectacular road trips to hidden places. Polar bears, grizzly bears, fishing for salmon and so much more. Just remember that Canada has many urban treasures as well, so expect very diverse experiences throughout your holiday.

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