Seeped in pristine nature and ancient history, Indonesia is nothing short of wondrous. Don't focus only on Bali. It's the archipelago's lesser known places that are most worth visiting.

Explore Indonesia

Discover the country’s many colours, starting with the shades of sunrise atop Mount Bromo. If you’re not one for trekking, you’ll fall in love with the islands, surrounded by the tropical greens of old jungle and glistening blue seas. Then there’s the rich dark tones of the komodo dragon, the planet’s largest lizard with enough mystery to entice all.

Getting here and around

For Europeans, most international flights to Bali transit in Dubai or Doha. However, you could also enter via the capital Jakarta. Once in Bali, it’s very easy to travel to Lombok, Komodo and neighbouring islands, typically with cruises or additional short flights.

Climate & seasons

The dry season extends from May to September. During this time, the weather is considered most pleasurable. October to April is the wet season. It’s important to note that the eastern parts of Indonesia are more susceptible to rain within this period.

Where to go

Bali is Indonesia’s most popular treasure, unsurprisingly. Most ideal for a beach escape, it still hosts incredible temples and nature. However, selecting private stays and activities are imperative to avoid the crowds. Easily combined with Bali is Lombok, another great beach destination. The Komodo islands offer plenty to explore, though true adventurers will opt for the island of Sumatra with its rugged tropical terrain, or undiscovered Borneo, where pristine wildlife reigns supreme. For authentic Indonesian culture, Java is your best bet. Meanwhile, the Raja Ampat islands boast excellent diving.

What to do

A kaleidoscope of experience awaits in this dreamy nation, meaning there’s something to be enjoyed by every type of traveller. Families can savour a languid beachfront holiday. Wildlife enthusiasts will be thrilled by orangutan encounters in Sumatra or Borneo. There’s also surfing, fine dining and nature hikes to volcanoes and waterfalls, or Buddhist pilgrims and rituals in Java for those after a spiritual cleanse. Finally, marine life across countless islands is also abundant, ideal for divers or lovers of a good cruise. From snorkelling in Gili Meno to sea safaris at Raja Ampat, a whole new world awaits beyond the surface. You need only be willing to take the first plunge.

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