Ireland, an inviting island where little is like you’ll have experienced before. Here’s a destination that will be charming for families, thrilling for couples, and a lot of fun for everyone who visits.

Explore Ireland

Redolent histories, grand castle hotels, wild Atlantic landscapes and vibrant evenings dancing to a Galeic beat. Sheep-covered mountains, mystical monuments, political religious murals and the real Guinness. You’ll be royally welcomed, to a feast of music, literature, nature and legend, where the history lives on in the everyday.

Getting here and around

You can fly direct to Dublin from Prague and many other European cities. Belfast also has direct connections to Prague. We recommend a private car and driver for getting around, although Ireland’s rural roads also make it a destination for your own road trip.

Climate & seasons

Summer is the best time to visit Ireland, thanks to lively streets, warmer weather and a little less rain. Still, it’s not a country known for a benign climate so don’t expect tropical sunshine. St Patrick’s Day is March 17th and a riotous party across the country. Also consider Dublin as a weekend destination any month from March to October.

Where to go

Dublin to the east is a fascinating crossroads for all things Irish, from literary history to cobblestone streets, packed out traditional pubs to gorgeous surrounding landscapes and grand hotels. The most famous and impressive landscapes are along the western Atlantic Coast, like the Ring of Kerry, Cliffs of Moher and The Burren. Rural, central Ireland features medieval castles and towns, plus dozens of distinct traditions. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and you’ll experience many contrasts to the south, although generally it doesn’t offer the same quality of accommodation. It’s the Republic of Ireland where more grand castles and country estates are converted into stunning hotels.

What to do

Ireland’s history is integral to its modern culture, which makes for many inspiring experiences. There will be storytelling, James Joyce, riding a horse-drawn cart to a thatched roof cottage, absorbing the legends in colourful castle towns. One day in Ireland can be golf, Guinness, whisky, or taking Atlantic roads through the most supreme scenery. It’s a destination where just going for a quiet drink can be a memorable experience, where an immersion in tradition is part of what you do every single day.

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