The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice

Hard to fault or rival. For those who can afford the price tag, the Gritti Palace represents the pinnacle of luxury in a city renowned for its range of high-end accommodation. Ideal for couples, less so for families.

Stay at The Gritti Palace

Some names transcend time and place – mention the Gritti Palace to someone who has never set foot in Venice and the name will still resonate. Commissioned by the Doge himself in 1475, this astonishing palace has stood for over five centuries. For the last 150 years, it has been refining the delivery of luxury into an art form as the city's premier hotel.There is something remarkable about the atmosphere inside some historic buildings, it’s as if the air retains the memory of years gone past. The momentous occasions, the notable visitors, each leaves behind an imprint. Few cities have a history as momentous and notable as Venice’s and the Gritti has witnessed or played a role in many. A stay here is to add your name to a long and fascinating story.


Privileged. The Gritti Palace sits with a private jetty in the heart of the Grand Canal. From the hotel’s iconic floating terrace restaurant guests can gaze upon the facade of the iconic Santa Maria della Salute. St Mark’s is just five minutes on foot.


82 rooms and suites over 4 floors. Each varies in size, layout and decor – all are just one bedroom but are blessed with gallery-quality artwork, museum-grade antiques and luxury fabrics. Opt for a room overlooking the Grand Canal if possible. It’s hard to find a downside with the Gritti but limited by a 15-Century floor plan some rooms are a tad small.

Who is it for

Those wanted to experience the epitome of luxury in a city famous for its opulence. With a very grown-up vibe, this luxury hotel is ideal for couples but less so for travelling families.

Facilities & activities

An iconic floating terrace, an enviable spa and a renowned onsite cooking college – the Gritti Epicurean School – where guests can replicate the exquisitely presented meals chef Daniele Turco's serves up in the hotel’s restaurant, Club del Doge. Guests would be remiss if they didn’t indulge in a ride in the Il Doge, the hotel’s luxury Riva yacht and the ultimate way to experience the city.

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