Bespoke Yacht Charter from Costa Smeralda

Embark on a full or half day voyage of unforgettable scenes, as you sail your way through the jewels of the La Maddalena archipelago. Nestled along the northeast ends of Sardinia, the Costa Smeralda region is famous for its fine sands and glistening emerald coast.

Begin the adventure from the island port closest to your hotel. Swift car transfers are easily arrangeable, letting you arrive at the dock in comfort and style. With a private yacht charter comes unbounded access. Your luxury cruiser offers exclusive excursions amid crystal-clear waves. Uninhabited shores and distant beaches, too, have never been more in reach.

Submerged off the side of your boat, a wealth of marine life welcomes you. Or perhaps you’d prefer a slower pace, as you lounge and laze on deck. Enjoy lunch and drinks onboard, served by a crew full of local insight. Listen to pirate legends, as you prepare to island hop. Discover the shores of Spargi, the famed pink beach at Budelli and delightful secret bays, caressed between Mediterranean vegetation and dramatic granite rocks.

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