Sipping delicious local wine as the sun melts into the sea. This is exactly how life is supposed to be lived and the locals of Crete know it. Home to Europe’s first evolved society, the islanders here have had a lot of time to practice living the good life. The recipe is simple: combine fresh local food, wine distilled within a few miles of where it’s drunk with panoramic views of the sea and soft sand beaches. Perfection. Crete has a reputation as Greece’s most hospitable island and it’s easy to see why – who could be anything but happy living here.

Explore Crete

During the Summer season Crete’s two airports Herakleion and Chania have a connection to most European hubs, during the winter season visitors will likely have to fly via Athens. A private chauffeured car is the most convenient means of transport.

Climate & seasons

The beach season is mid-June to mid-September and as a result, it’s the busiest. Spring and Autumn – that's May to mid-June and mid-September to October – are cooler but far from cold and recommended for those who wish to do a little more sightseeing. Winter is best avoided.

Where to go

Crete’s luxury hotel options are clustered around Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and Elounda/Agios Nikolaos – all of which are on the island’s more developed North coast. The quaint fisherman villages and hidden beaches of the South Coast of the island make amazing day trips but are not great options for a luxury stay.

What to do

Once you have enjoyed the views of the Aegean from your hotel sunlounger it’s time to explore island life and indulge in Cretan food, wine and olive oil. Foodies can even go hunting for their own truffles. Hikers can hit the hills. History lovers can search for the minotaur in the ruins of Knossos. Many enjoy an afternoon sailing between hidden beaches or even taking multi-day private yacht cruises. The island even has its own only 18-hole course. A fun round for golf fans but just don’t expect anything world-class.

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