Namibia is nature’s great art gallery, a magical world of surreal landscapes and immense scale. Panoramas emerge as if from a dream, impossible to behold yet breathtakingly real. It feels like a lost uninhabited world, an unending canvas celebrating the world’s primitive natural majesty. The world’s biggest red desert and second biggest canyon. Africa’s most expansive safari lands. Empty mountain chains crossed only by rhinos and elephants. Starry skies, lunar-like rock formations, salt pans, lions gathering at remote waterholes. Perhaps nowhere else in the world offers such visual euphoria.

Explore Namibia

Capital city Windhoek has flights to Doha with Qatar Airways and Frankfurt with Lufthansa. Plus connections to Cape Town and Johannesburg if you want to combine Namibia with South Africa. Namibia can also be combined with Botswana but this will require some overland travel. Distances are huge in Namibia and the journeys by land are long and beautiful. It’s just as beautiful to travel by light aircraft and you’ll experience a lot more this way.

Climate & seasons

We recommend June to October as these have the most comfortable weather and are best for safari. It’s warm, but not too hot and does get cold at night. Sunny cloudless skies are the norm almost every day of the year.

Where to go

It’s all wilderness, but it’s all very different. Safari in Etosha, a dusty savannah dominated by a water-filled clay pan, where lion and rhino encounters are among the best in Africa. Explore Namib-Naukluft, the big red desert, where Deadvlei and Sossusvlei are the iconic sights. Get lost with elephants in the lunar mountains of Damaraland. Travel the Skeleton Coast to see shipwrecks in the sand and thousands of fur seals. Discover Fish River Canyon, second only to the Grand Canyon in size. Then there are many even wilder destinations, where innovative hoteliers have created luxury camps.

What to do

Namibia isn’t a classic safari country, even if Etosha is an outstanding safari destination. You mix the big game with your own adventures. Like scenic flights over the desert, hikes in the wild, visits to semi-nomadic Himba and Ju/’hoansi bushmen tribes, mountain biking in shimmering red mountains or tracking rhinos on foot. It’s all very adventurous but the camps will keep you calm. Considering their remote locations, Namibia delivers a remarkably high level of design-led camps and lodges - many are among the best in Africa.

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