This is a destination of remarkable diversity, for its cultures, experiences, destinations and holiday styles. It’s a romantic weekend away, a two-week family adventure, a mix of beach, city, desert, mountain, shopping, ancient history and so much more.

Explore Morocco

Sounds flutter across artisanal rooftops. Silence reigns amid Saharan dunes. Chatter emanates from streetside terraces. Morocco is a feast for the senses, a canvas of colours and smells, a delight for the curious explorer. It’s amazing to find such a unique and exotic destination, so relatively close to home. Where the accommodation is of extremely high standard and creates an absolute dream for art and boutique hotel lovers.

Getting here and around

Flight connections to Morocco are rapidly improving. Currently there are direct flights from Vienna and Munich to Marrakech, the country’s largest airport and most intriguing city. When taking a two-leg flight you can also enter Morocco through other airports, such as Casablanca and Fes. It’s a surprisingly big country and the domestic travel infrastructure isn’t top notch, but a chauffeured V-class Mercedes will take you just about anywhere.

Climate & seasons

Summer is best avoided in Morocco, a country where half the land is the Sahara Desert. September to May are suitable months for travel. Note that the climate varies significantly from the dry, sunny desert, to the colder and wetter Atlas Mountains, the cooler north to the hotter south. Dependent on the month of travel we can advise the best destinations to visit.

Where to go

Bring your sense of adventure because Morocco will entice you into a magical carpet ride. Marrakech and Fes are ancient cities packed with energy, souks, stories and endless sights. Find calm in the Atlas Mountains or Sahara Desert, riding a camel to a remote luxury camp or discovering Berber life. Explore some fabulous artisanal towns across Morocco, like Chefchauoen, which is completely painted in blue. There are beach destinations as well, but we strongly recommend against the mass tourism of Agadir, the least authentic place in Morocco. Explorers can find completely empty Atlantic beaches elsewhere.

What to do

Morocco will surprise. Experience a beautiful mobile camp in the wilderness. Have a Berber picnic on the beach or in the mountains. Make a treasure hunt through histories and cultures. Meet with artisans, take a sidecar ride, hot air balloon and explore the medinas. Leave time to enjoy your accommodation. Morocco is one of the most artistic countries in the world and the quality of the small boutique hotels is very memorable. And then there are the royal palaces where you can stay.

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