Germany is distinctive, close to home, and full of unique things to do all year around. It’s a great destination for long weekends, packed full of secrets for the discerning traveller.

Explore Germany

There are the famous experiences, like Oktoberfest and football in Munich, or Berlin’s history and counterculture. You probably already know about destinations like Sylt island and Berchtesgaden in the Alps. We love how Germany can be very exclusive, when you know when and where, as well as where to stay. It’s a destination that’s easily drivable and so easy for those long bank holiday weekends. Oh, and those sought-after events? We can arrange VIP access.

Getting here and around

Most of our clients drive to Germany as it maximises flexibility. This is particularly true for destinations in the Alps, or anywhere outside a major city. And it’s often outside the famous cities where Germany is at its best.

Climate & seasons

When to visit Germany is typically based on what’s on, rather than the climate and seasons, which are relatively similar to the Czech Republic. Late spring and early autumn are usually the best seasons, weather-wise. Summer is generally a good season to travel thanks to the long days.

Where to go

Drive into the Alps and relax with your family, in destinations like Berchtesgaden and GaPa. Sylt is the favourite destination of German billionaires, its white beaches and glamorous clientele evoking a similarity with the Hamptons in East Coast USA. Visit Munich for football or Oktoberfest, but also because it’s a delightful old city with a lot going on. Berlin is the alternative, such a distinct destination for art, culture and shopping.

What to do

There’s usually a specific reason to visit Germany. Like a big pop or rock concert. Perhaps the Christmas markets. An autumn beer festival - Oktoberfest is just the largest and most famous. A football match - are you Dortmund, Bayern, or a smaller and equally passionate team? Or Germany is your chance to drive off into the mountains with your loved ones and fully unwind.

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