Truffle Hunting & Slow Cooking in Tuscany


Hunt your way through the woods of Tuscany, in search of precious truffles waiting to be found. Immerse yourself in the heritage behind this centuries-old tradition. In the company of trained dogs and expert guides, the chase knows no bounds.

This is a private scout beside the locals. These are authentic moments you won’t forget. As you uncover white and black truffles by the roots of an old oak, satisfaction culminates. Unearth the secrets behind why this delicacy is so sought after. Learn to identify species of trees in the thriving habitat that surrounds.

The hunt itself lasts 2.5 hours, and takes place near the lush folds of the Tenuta Torciano wine estate. Afterwards, a native chef will teach you the art of truffle gastronomy. Together, experiment with ancient techniques and culinary tricks. Deguste your prized creations straight from the kitchen. Relish amusing anecdotes and warm exchange.

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