Submit to the call of the Canary Islands, and envision yourself in Tenerife. As the largest isle within the archipelago, the hotel scene is most refined and supreme. Beachside lounging here dissolves all stresses. Varied landscapes serenade and invite you in. Explore alluring heritage sites beside a local guide. Revel in an itinerary entirely bespoke to you.

Explore Tenerife

Tenerife is further from Europe than some may think, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the trip. As the only Canary Island with two airports, you can fly into either north or south. South Airport is more modern but also the busier of the two, and the area itself is quite touristy. Once you’ve arrived, renting or hiring a chauffeured car is the best way to travel and explore.

Climate & seasons

Dubbed the island of eternal spring, the weather is typically always pleasant. Summer is the best time for beach leisure, though it does get quite busy. If you are happy with temperatures below 30°C, any season you choose is suitable, though winter might be a tad too cold for swimming in the sea.

Where to go

As a vibrant volcanic island, most of the beaches here have black sand. The coast itself is quite rocky, however there are some man-made white sand beaches around. The luxury hotel scene is good, though it doesn’t grant the same level of seclusion as, say, the Maldives. Bigger beachfront complexes are more the norm. Intrepid travellers will enjoy a trip up Mount Teide - Spain’s highest peak.

What to do

This is an ideal hub for shoreline relaxation. However, outside of the customary pool or oceanside laze, nature experiences are plentiful. Adventurous visitors can hike up Mount Teide. Alternatively, the cable car ride up at sunrise is a special treat. Astronomy tours, jeep safaris or excursions to nearby islands come with unexpected discoveries. Intimate whale watching sails or day trips to water parks such as Siam Park with the family await.

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