Nature untamed, yet a wilderness so easy to access. That’s why Iceland is such a remarkable destination. Walk hand in hand across a glacier, a beach, or a volcano. Take your family kayaking with icebergs. Walk to geysers and waterfalls. Gallop on horseback with snowy mountains all around. Indulge in the sense of space, feel the thrill of the wild, but also be immensely comfortable. This is a destination for everyone who likes the outdoors, where surreal landscapes become the playground for romantic and family adventures. And with all the geothermal activity and natural outdoor spas, Iceland is also incredible for a spa break.

Explore Iceland

Keflavík is Iceland’s international airport and it’s close to Reykjavik, so the capital city is a natural choice for your first night. The Blue Lagoon is closer still, a great outdoor spa hotel for your final night. Most visitors get around by road and Iceland’s roads really are spectacular. Helicopters are a good option for accessing more remote areas and boats explore both the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

Climate & seasons

For an “ice land” the country is surprisingly green. Iconic highlights like the Northern Lights and glacier walking mean Iceland is often considered as a winter destination. Iceland is incredible in summer, especially for families, when you have mild weather and near 24 hours of daylight. Iceland is really an all-year destination - your destinations and experiences will change depending on the season.

Where to go

Iceland’s most famous itinerary is the Golden Circle, an easily accessible loop around the country’s southwest, incorporating Thingvellir National Park. Beautiful as it may be, note that this route is significantly busier than Iceland’s other destinations. Explorers are now venturing across the rest of the country and in one to two weeks you can circumnavigate Iceland. Reykjavik has a new Edition hotel, the Blue Lagoon is fantastic, and Deplar Farm is one of Europe’s best high-end retreats. Iceland also excels in private use accommodation, like converted farmhouses and cabins, perfect for families and exploring more remote places. We can even arrange a five-star glamping night on a glacier, beneath the aurora.

What to do

Explore. There’s so much on this small island you’ll want to return many times. Walk on lava flows and through ice tunnels. Stand before waterfalls and glaciers. Be all alone on black-sand beaches or turquoise lagoons dotted with icebergs. Explore volcanoes, fjords, geysers, mountains and fishing villages. Do whale watching, heli-skiing, diving between continental plates and just about every other outdoor activity imaginable. Oh, there’s the Northern Lights as well.

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