Kristyna Hurska

Travel Designer


1 year


Sport & History

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Meeting people from around the world has been a passion of mine since my first student work camp. I’ve lived in the Hamptons and in Maui. Being in Hawaii during the wildfires and seeing a community come together positively changed my perspective on everything. 

Local people are what make a place special. I want to talk with them, see the destination from their perspective as much as possible, be it architecture, nature, gastronomy or new experiences. This human interaction and connection is something I bring to the trips I create as a travel designer at EliteVoyage. 

I believe in sustainable travel and always seek to minimise negative environmental impacts, and stay respectful to local cultures. I also love history, so you’ll find me intensively researching my destination and exploring the museums. Taking photos is important to me too, a chance to preserve memories and remember trips from the past.

My favourite places