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Flashing lights and unforgettable party nights. Amusement kingdoms and authentic Latin flavours. Empty wetlands, endless beaches, the space centre and Miami. Florida is the big American dream, home of the biggest, brightest and sometimes bizarrest of travel experiences. It’s a classic family holiday destination but look beyond the fame of Walt Disney World, because this state has many other worlds awaiting.

Explore Florida

There’s a direct Munich to Miami flight, but even with a change, Florida is surprisingly easy to reach from Central and Eastern Europe. Florida’s international airports have good connections with the Caribbean as well, so you can combine an island beach with the Florida theme parks. Roads like the Overseas Highway make it enjoyable to do trips in your own car or chauffeured car.

Climate & seasons

Florida has very hot and humid summers, then warm and dry winters. Most people prefer to visit from October to May, when Florida is an excellent winter beach destination.

Where to go

Miami is the embodiment of the American dream, in all its guises. Orlando is the global mecca for family amusement parks. But for all the glitz and neon, Florida has a lot of space to explore as well. Surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, it’s a state with endless kilometres of great beaches and dozens of tropical islands. Then there are the sub-tropical jungles and swamps of the Everglades.

What to do

Florida is where your children will probably dictate the itinerary. The theme parks are on an enormous scale and when well planned, can be fun for all ages. It’s easy to have two action-packed weeks when you add on the beaches and destinations like the Kennedy Space Centre. Florida can surprise as well. How about scuba diving or kayaking on remote turquoise waters? We also recommend using Florida as one part of a larger United States trip, as there are better destinations if you seek more explorer-style discovery.

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