Mesmerising Mount Etna Four-Wheel Drive & Wine Tasting

An exciting alternative to hiking Mount Etna comes in the form of a dynamic four-wheel drive. This is the perfect combination of discovery and adrenaline. From the comfort of your private cruiser, prepare to uncover strange celestial backdrops and black fields of molten stone.

Depart from Catania or Taormina, for a full day off-roading experience exploring pristine Sicilian treasures. As you journey in an exclusive recreational vehicle, a refreshing island breeze lashes through your hair. Take in the marvels of an ever-changing mountain. Learn more about its natural evolution from your expert geologist guide, alongside mysterious incidents wrapped in Greek legend.

Your final stop of the day takes you to a winery, where a homemade feast and local wines await. As you sit down to dine on authentic island dishes, you reflect on the excursion and make a spontaneous toast. After all, centuries-old lava caves leave a lasting impression. The image of Hephaestus’ rock formations remains etched in your brain.

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