Immersive Lemon Tour with Pizza & Pasta Making

Unravel the culinary secrets of Amalfi, on an authentic experience through lemon groves. Gain insight into the region’s gastronomic traditions. Stroll through the heritage of the Sfusato Amalfitano. This is an essential ingredient along the coast. Its juice is used to flavour seafood. Refreshing lemonades, limoncello and sorbets are created from its flesh and peel.

The day begins with a pick-up from Bar della Valle in the afternoon. From here, you will depart for a lemon farm, where you will meet the local harvesters and knead alongside them. Prepare homemade pasta and pizza dough, as you delve into the history of their trade. Roll your sleeves up, and get your hands dirty. Share personal anecdotes and raw exchange.

Your excursion will last approximately 5-6 hours. During this time, there is much flexibility to savour. Comfortable shoes are advised, as you visit cultural sites and limoncello producers. Or cherish a slower pace with drinks in the on-site garden, straight after your cooking class.

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