Journey to Space with EliteVoyage & Zephalto

EliteVoyage is the first and only travel company in the Czech Republic to offer an opportunity to travel to space with Zephalto.

It’s a low-carbon journey to the stratosphere and the edge of space, with the first flights already lifting off next year.

The partnership between EliteVoyage and the French operator Zephalto is close to realising a travel dream for many of our clients.

Zephalto will take you up to 25 kilometres and a view over the curvature of our planet.

In this article we share the Zephalto concept and how the dream of travelling to space is quickly becoming reality.

A Journey towards Space: The Essential Information

Only around 600 people have observed the curvature of the earth from the stratosphere. Almost all of them are astronauts.

Zephalto have already conducted three successful tests of their Céleste capsule. It is designed as a low-carbon journey to space.

The concept for their space journey builds upon balloon technology developed and used by French aerospace company CNES for 60 years.

The Zephalto & CNES balloon concept

Commercial flights on Céleste are on track to start in the second quarter of 2025. It’s a six-hour experience lifting off from France, with around three hours at an altitude of 25 kilometres (above 80,000 feet).

The experience can currently be booked at a special “pioneers” rate of EUR 120,000 per passenger.

This reduced rate is available until the end of January and enables you to be among the first season of Zephalto passengers going to the stratosphere.

From the end of January, a Zephalto experience will cost EUR 170,000 per person.

Introducing Zephalto

Zephalto founder Vincent Farret d’Astiès with Celeste capsulte designer Joseph Dirand

We’ve been following Zephalto for a couple of years now, especially after observing similar projects in the United States by Space Perspective and Worldview. As a European agency it’s great to see travel towards space being pioneered in Europe as well.

Zephalto was founded by aeronautical engineer Vincent d’Astiès, who is also the chief pilot.

Vincent calls Zephalto “travelling towards the stars, without polluting, in harmony with elements.”

A Celeste test flight

Six guests travel together in a pressurised capsule, the Céleste, designed by renowned Paris-based designer Joseph Dirand. The Céleste is lifted by a stratospheric balloon to 25 kilometres.

Zephalto’s main partner is CNES – essentially the French NASA – who has been sending balloons into the stratosphere for over 60 years.

Balloons are simpler and safer than rockets or a space shuttle. No physical or pre-flight training is required and the experience is accessible to all ages.

The Space Experience on Céleste

Inside the Celeste capsule

The pressurised capsule welcomes six guests in three large cocoons, along with two pilots.

Windows are almost three metres wide and the capsule rotates slowly, enabling complete 360-degree views throughout the flight.

The Celeste capsule exterior

The capsule is constructed from composite fibres by ST Composites, the safest and lightest material available. A silver coating is then used to reflect the surroundings.

Designer Joseph Dirand said:

We will become aware of the size of the earth, find ourselves between these two universes, the terrestrial and celestial.

Flights are expected to depart from a spaceport in Chambord, France. Additional spaceports will be added in the future, enabling year-round departures.

Céleste will only operate every third day. Every passenger will have a three-day flight window, to allow for good atmospheric and climatic conditions. It’s a silent and serene journey.

The six-hour journey to space

It takes around 90 minutes to ascend to the cruising altitude of 82,000 feet, or 25 kilometres.

At top altitude you will witness the Earth’s spherical curve and what astronauts call the transformative ´Overview Effect.´

From this altitude the panorama stretches for 1400 kilometres of the earth’s surface.

A Zephalto photo taken from 25 kilometres on a Celeste test flight

The descent takes a further 90 minutes, with a landing on the ground rather than in the sea.

Every flight will have a welcoming ceremony, gastronomic experience on board, and a closing celebration.

Each flight will also have a scientific mission, which could be collecting data about the earth’s atmosphere, telecommunication relays or space observation.

Your Journey To Space?

Celeste capsulte

Zephalto has successfully conducted three piloted tests of Céleste. Many more are planned in 2024. The first trips for the public will depart in 2025.

Less than 1000 people have ever ventured this high into the stratosphere, high enough to see the curvature of the earth.

EliteVoyage is proud to partner with Zephalto, who are pioneering new travel experiences to the earth’s unexplored and unseen places. We are the first and only Zephalto partner in our region.

A journey to space with Zephalto and EliteVoyage can be reserved for 120,000 EUR per person, until the end of January.

Pioneers booking at this rate are guaranteed to be among the first season of passengers on Céleste. From February onwards the price will be EUR 170,000 per person.

We will advise you personally about Zephalto and this rare travel opportunity.

Want to Travel to Space?

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