New York

United States

You can have a thousand different holidays in the Big Apple and you can satisfy a thousand different moods. So jump in one of the most iconic destinations of all, a city you can visit a thousand times and always have a new experience.

Explore New York

Trendsetting icon. Architectural wonderland. Global fashion capital. A beating heart for the arts, theatre, dining and shopping. New York is a high-rising perpetual masterpiece, packed with so many travel symbols. Yet it’s also a city of intimate neighbourhoods and constant surprises, where the experience changes with every season, with every visit.

Getting here and around

Fly direct year-round from Vienna or Munich. Delta has a seasonal summer service from Prague. Don’t get around on the subway. Yellow taxicabs are ubiquitous and luxury cars are available to take you anywhere. And don’t discount your two feet either. New York is a very walkable city and paradise for urban wanderers.

Climate & seasons

New York has something for every season but the most enjoyable times overall are spring and autumn. June to August is hot but summer is when New York bursts with life. January to March is cold and often snowy, but there’s fashion week and so much to do indoors. Spring and autumn bring beautiful colours and clement weather. November and December are very busy for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Where to go

It’s actually quite easy to get around New York and we recommend you don’t spend all your time in the Midtown area of Manhattan, where the most famous attractions are located. Try the villages like Greenwich and Soho, cross the bridge to Brooklyn and Queens, check out the luxury hotels in the Upper East Side. Every area has its own atmosphere so it’s important to get a hotel in the area that best suits your image of New York.

What to do

New York’s compact size is heaven for explorers. Follow the trails of architecture, art, fashion and food. Explore all day then explore all night. Get reservations for the world’s best restaurants, front-row seats for the most exclusive shows, and private viewings at galleries. New York embodies so much and we have hundreds of unique ways for you to explore. Just remember there’s a lot more to see than Times Square and the Empire State Building.

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