Bhutan offers a new definition of reality and it’s one of the world’s most authentic and different destinations. And unlike some unexplored places, Bhutan has luxury accommodation to complement the exploration.

Explore Bhutan

Bhutan stretches the boundaries of surreal. Hidden in the Himalayas, this warm and welcoming Buddhist nation celebrates the beauty of an alternative culture. Its unique identity has been preserved into the 21st century, along with some incredible nature and the sweetness of serenity. This is officially the land of happiness, where progress is measured in smiles and spirituality floats on the Himalayan breeze.

Getting here and around

Travelling to a hidden Himalayan nation isn’t easy. You can fly to Paro International Airport from only five countries, the closest and most convenient being India and Nepal. Unless you use Air India it will be a three-leg flight from Europe. All trips to Bhutan must be taken with a government-registered guide, who you will travel with at all times. Depending on the destination, you can get around by domestic flight and chauffeured vehicle.

Climate & seasons

September to December are ideal months to explore Bhutan, as you’ll enjoy sunny skies and mild temperatures. January to May are also dry and good times to visit, although it can be cold just after new year. March and April are particularly good months for trekking. June to August is monsoon season and generally these months are avoided.

Where to go

You have two main options in Bhutan. Exploring Western Bhutan, or exploring all of Bhutan. Paro Airport is the gateway to the west of the country, where the most iconic destinations are found. These include the ancient capital of Punakha, capital city Thimphu, and the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery. The country’s east is even more cultural and spiritual, such as Bumthang, the Tang Valley and Trongsa. You also have some amazing trekking opportunities here, like Black mountain National Park.

What to do

Bhutan is an easy travel destination. Intrigue and enchantment is all around, so you don’t need to travel to see something specific. You’ll be immersed in a unique culture from the moment you land. Definitely include some Himalayan hiking in your holiday, with Tiger’s Nest Monastery the most iconic thing to do. Temples and monasteries will be an everyday occurrence, as will historic towns and meeting the locals.

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