Mongolia isn’t just where you go to glimpse local culture and nature. It’s where you live a local, nomadic way of life, in a land untouched by westernisation. And there is such a feeling of freedom that accompanies this experience.

Explore Mongolia

Mongolia is a land of nomads and wild horses, an untouched wilderness of supreme mountains and grasslands. Vast open spaces excite the imagination and you head off into the middle of nowhere, to sleep in a traditional ger and connect with a nomadic culture. Colourful desert, endless steppes, sand dunes and rolling valleys: in a country larger than Europe, the adventure in nature is unrivaled.

Getting here and around

Fly to Ulaanbaatar, or consider taking the Trans-Mongolian train all the way from Moscow. Mongolia only has a couple of roads and most of the time you’ll be driving out in the wild. However, tourism is surprisingly well developed and your holiday can also be very comfortable. Ger camps are suitable for most ages and Mongolia is accessible to anyone who doesn’t mind a bumpy ride to get around.

Climate & seasons

You don’t want to experience a Mongolian winter, when it’s 30 below freezing and your gur is heated by a fire made from dried yak poo. Summer, from May to September, are the months when travel is comfortable. July is best as your holiday can coincide with the Nadaam festival.

Where to go

For logistical reasons most journeys start and end in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar, which isn’t that interesting. From here? Ride through the Khangai Mountains, go south to the Gobi Desert, north to the lakes, west to the Altai Mountains. Both Karakorum, capital of Genghis Khan’s Mongolia, and the Buddhist Tuvkhun Monastery are good points to map. Just remember, it’s not about the destination here. Mongolia is all about the journey and everything you experience along the way. And when you have comfortable ger accommodation, you can travel just about anywhere.

What to do

Explore. That’s Mongolia in one word. Expect long journeys on horseback or in a Soviet 4WD, bumping across landscapes where few foreigners tred. Sleep in traditional gers, camel ride on sand dunes, and gaze up at the stars each night. Join the locals practising archery and wrestling. Also join them in traditional festivities, including the three-day Nadaam festival in July. Three Camel Lodge is the best luxury lodge and a great example of a ger.

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