United Arab Emirates

Where the endless rolling dunes of the world’s largest uninterrupted sand desert meet the cerulean blue sea of the Arabian Gulf, this is the UAE. Where endangered Hawksbill turtles share exclusive beaches with palatial resorts built in gold leaf and marble. You may think you know what Dubai and Abu Dhabi are all about but they will still surprise you. Sure the shopping is world-class but so is the potential for incredible desert experiences.

Explore United Arab Emirates

The UAE is home to two international hub airports in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, both with connections worldwide. Getting around is best by car – which drive on the right – helicopter or even seaplane. The trip between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is a 90-minute drive when traffic is willing or a 40-minute helicopter hop.

Climate & seasons

The two prime beach seasons are March to mid-May and October to November. These are the peak tourism months so plan ahead. Between December – when the F1 comes to Abu Dhabi – and February, it gets quite chilly. between May and September, it gets seriously hot, over 50ºC. In the summer most action will move inside.

Where to go

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the UAE’s two biggest draws. Both have enough within their city limits to keep most entertained but should you wish to go further afield there are a range of high-end desert camps in Rubʿ al-Khali ideal for anyone wishing to have a Bedouin experience – all enjoyed in sumptuous luxury of course. Or further still – Sir Bani Yas Island offers a remote island wildlife experience like no other in this part of the world. The northernmost emirate of Ras al Khaimah is an increasingly popular beach destination but with little to offer the more discerning luxury traveller.

What to do

Lounge on sandy beaches. Shop in luxurious malls. Race dune buggies or supercars. Explore sand dunes with a falcon on your arm. Sail. Skydive. Go for helicopter, seaplane or camel rides. Dine in the world’s finest restaurants. And if you are here in December, experience the exhilaration of an F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.

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