Divine Wine Tasting at the Argiolas Estate


Discover the heavenly spoils of Sardinian vintage, on an intimate day trip to the Argiolas wine estate. Take a tour of history through flavour. As you sample bottles from the family’s special collection, untold secrets and stories come to light.

This is a half day excursion and multi-sensory experience, where you will try your hand at ancient equipment and uncover the fermentation process. Next, you step into rustic cellars where aging casks await. As you roam the many acres of verdant vineyards alongside the land owner, the scent of Italian specialties soon reaches you enticingly.

Your local host leads you to a picturesque dining spot, where you sit overlooking sloping landscapes and the ripe green of flourishing vines. Having selected your tasting menu ahead of the tour, authentic homemade products begin to arrive promptly. Surrender your taste buds to the tingle of fresh tangs, paired wonderfully beside decades-old wine.

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