Thrilling Paraglide Experience above the Dolomites


Soar above mountains and drift between clouds, on a tandem paragliding flight of many twists and turns. The Dolomites make for a distinct Alps corner. Savour the thrills that come with an immersive bird’s eye, as you watch the unique geology of these landscapes unfold.

Enjoy a private transfer from Kastelruth to Spitzbühl, where you will meet your pilot and get into gear. Butterflies infiltrate your stomach as you near the launch zone. Moments later, you run and leap off the ground. Hovering smoothly, you glide to St. Valentin in the valley, absorbing the marvels of the Seiser Alm meadow below.

The thermal currents of this region keep you aloft perfectly. They make the excursion feel effortless, as you float like a feather amid the Rosengarten massif. Experience peaks of note along the route, such as Schlern, Langkofel and Plattkofel. Each appears as a formidable silhouette in the distance, jutting vertically, piercing the sky. From this aerial viewpoint, they’ve never felt closer. These are glimpses that will stay with you long after you land.

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