Some parts of the world need no filters, the water really is that blue and the sand that dazzling perfect white. Sardinia is one such magical spot. On the winding coast, luxury resorts sit on sculpted sand while yachts bob in the gentle sea, but head inland to the wild mountainous interior and you’ll find lush canyons with magical ruins, ancient oak forests littered with the tombs of giants and fairies, all ripe for exploration and adventure. Oh, and a lot of sheep. As DH Lawrence said, “Sardina is different”, it’s a mystery waiting for you to unravel.

Explore Sardinia

The island has two main international airports, one in the capital Cagliari to the south, and one at Olbia in the north. Due to its proximity to the Costa Smeralda, home to the island’s most exclusive resorts, Olbia receives most of the island's private jet travel. Arriving by ferry from Genoa or Livorno is an option, especially if you are bringing your own car but please note, it’s a long journey. Driving in Sardinia is much more relaxing than mainland Italy and opens up the island to explore. Chauffeured cars are widely available too. A trip around the coast by private yacht is a memorable experience.

Climate & seasons

The summer busy season is July and August, expect crowds and very high rates, some of the highest in Europe. But those visiting with the kids during the summer holidays will be rewarded with the warmest weather. June and September are highly recommended alternatives, the crowds are thinner, the rates are lower and the weather still very agreeable. April and May can be good months for those looking for a more active holiday, the cooler weather makes biking, hiking and exploration very pleasant but the water will be a touch chilly.

Where to go

Costa Smeralda, the Emerald Coast, the romantic name is fitting for this beautiful stretch of the northern coastline. Most of the island’s high-end accommodation is based here. The luxury enclave of Porto Cervo acts as its unofficial “capital” and has a fine array of nightlife. The south of the island may not have the exclusivity of the north but it does have sandier beaches. It is also home to Forte Village, which is a definite contender for the ultimate high-end family holiday destination in Europe, let alone Sardinia.

What to do

Sardinia is blessed with beaches so beautiful you will struggle to find a reason to leave the sand. Sunbathe, swim, sail and savour the gentle life by the coast. But with an inland of such stunning beauty, it would be a shame not to do at least a little bit of exploration. Hiking, climbing and biking are just three ways to get deeper into a mountain's interior. Home to hilltop villages, mysterious festivals, ruins and tombs steeped in myth and legends. Nod a hello to a passing shepherd and be prepared to give way their wandering sheep, 4 million woolly wonders ramble this blessed isle.

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