Costa Rica

Believe the hype. Costa Rica is a magnificent destination that creates a new and exciting experience for anyone. There’s nowhere better for combining beach leisure with exploration and adventure.

Explore Costa Rica

Jungle clad volcanoes. Remote Pacific beaches. Mystical cloud forests. World-leading sustainability. Hiking, rafting, spa retreats and listening to monkeys. We love the accommodation here, especially the eco-opulence and variety to choose from. But the real highlight is the outdoors. You’ll find another postcard vista at every turn and be immersed in the natural world.

Getting here and around

Costa Rica’s capital city San Jose has a large international airport, with direct connections to some European cities. Use Liberia airport for Papagayo and to avoid doubling back to San Jose. Road journeys in Costa Rica are spectacular, but expect them to be bumpy. Domestic flights and helicopters are an option for more remote destinations.

Climate & seasons

This is a tropical country with lots of sun and frequent rain showers. December to April are the driest and most comfortable months, especially on the Pacific side. This is also the high season. There’s more rainfall between May and August but it shouldn’t impact your experience. September to November are generally avoided. Coastal destinations are always warm, most inland destinations are cooler because of their altitude.

Where to go

Costa Rica packs an incredible range of destinations into a country smaller than the Czech Republic. Papagayo is the best and most exclusive beach destination. Further south, the Osa Peninsula is also a great opinion on the Pacific. Arenal provides the most famous volcano and jungle experience. However, beautifully remote five-star lodges create cloud forest, volcano and river adventures all across the country (in total there are 30 national parks and over a quarter of the land is protected!) The Caribbean is beautiful but accommodation on this coastline isn’t yet up to our standards.

What to do

Don’t visit Costa Rica to hang around your hotel suite. Get outdoors. Muddy jungle hikes. Ziplines and rafting adventures. Mountain biking past monkeys and sloths. Boating to deserted beaches. And so much more. This is adventure paradise and we love how the activities are made accessible for all ages and abilities. After a day in nature, slip into a private plunge pool with a cocktail, or discover Costa Rica’s amazing spas and natural hot springs. And when you need to rest, the beaches are incredible.

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