Welcome to the happiest country on the planet, where you can uncover what makes the Finnish so content.

Explore Finland

They’ve mastered the art of flourishing in winter, and ultimately work in harmony with the outdoors. Now’s your chance to experience this holistic mindset. Step into the wilderness where Scandi spirits breed, and let it lead you to adventure of the purest form. Learn the nation’s history in bustling Helsinki. Breathe in the world’s cleanest air.

Getting here and around

Equipped with direct flights to most European cities, Helsinki is a natural entry point. Those venturing north will have to transit here, or you could travel in style directly with a private jet. Since Finland is a big country, long distances are best covered by plane. For shorter journeys, chauffeured cars are most convenient, since the terrain of the roads can be a tad difficult. Meanwhile, Lapland visitors can enjoy getting around by either snowmobile or dogsled.

Climate & seasons

Summer (June to September) is perfect for hiking, biking and exploring lakes, as well as booking a city break. However, winter (December to March) is perhaps the most popular season, since it is the best time to explore the Finnish Lapland. These months come with all the classics - northern lights, ice hotels, igloos and more.

Where to go

When it comes to exploring Finland, there are four main regions. The favourite among these is Lapland, located in the north. As a gateway to the arctic nature of the area, its capital, Rovaniemi, can be a good base. Meanwhile, ski enthusiasts can expect sublime runs at Levi and Ruka. Next, there’s Lakeland in the southeast, a stunning maze of islands, emerald forests, cosy cottages and lagoons. The third region, Coast and Archipelago, offers exactly what you’d expect - languid cruises, fresh seafood and lighthouses galore. Finally, there’s the Helsinki Region, a great stop for a few days to absorb modern Finnish culture.

What to do

Oh, where to start? With four distinct geographical regions, comes infinite possibility. The most unmissable perhaps, is seeing the northern lights. Though local Sami visits, ice fishing and husky safaris are all top contenders. And that’s just the tip of Lapland's iceberg. Saunas, skiing and Santa’s village also still await, as do plethora of lakeside activities, traditional dishes and quaint wooden towns made to roam.

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