Elephants roam from delta to woodland. Zebra migrate across salt pans and deserts. Kalahari lions sit and wait, their orange manes fluttering in the breeze. With no fences nor interruptions, this is the purest of all the safari countries, a country where wildlife dominates. There are very few people here, even fewer roads, yet a fly-in safari combines traditional luxuries with immersive nature.Most destinations are only accessible by light aircraft and there’s incredible diversity. Fly from dusty Kalahari plains to the world’s largest salt pans, then the Okavango Delta, an animal-packed oasis. Continue across floodplains to Chobe - home to over 100,000 elephants!

Explore Botswana

Maun is the gateway town for a fly-in safari. From here you travel by light aircraft to any Botswana safari destination. Fly-in safari routes are customised, so almost all camps can be connected directly. To reach Maun you’ll probably need to fly via Johannesburg, South Africa. An alternative is to fly to Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) or Livingstone (Zambia), which are both only one hour by road from Chobe.

Climate & seasons

June to September is both the dry season and when the Okavango Delta is flooded (the best time to visit and to do a safari by canoe and motorboat). These cooler months are the most comfortable time to visit and also the best for safari. Safari is more expensive but there are no crowds in private concessions. November to February is hot, humid, and can be wet.

Where to go

The Okavango Delta is Botswana’s centrepiece, a unique safari wilderness you explore on land and water. Botswana has Africa’s best private concessions, enormous unfenced wilderness areas where safari is exclusive to just a few guests; Selinda, Linyanti and Kwando are all exceptional. Safari days in the Chobe woodland and Kalahari Desert couldn’t be more different! Botswana preaches low-footprint, high-cost, small-numbers kind of safari tourism, where the camps are remote and mostly in the explorer style.

What to do

Botswana is best for a fly-in safari. In remote destinations you can explore as you please. Game drive at night, safari in traditional dugout canoes and safari boats, walk and horseback ride in elephant country. There are so many different angles and experiences. One week is the absolute minimum, for the greatest luxury in Botswana is time and space, amid some of the greatest wild habitats on earth.

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