Whether it’s admiring the sunset over Santorini's ancient volcanic caldera, hunting for the minotaur in Crete, partying on a beach in Mykonos – or just bobbing gently on a private yacht sipping raki – Greece has something for you.

Explore Greece

Few destinations on the planet have the depth of history and culture as Greece, and those that do are unlikely to be bestowed with such effortless natural wonders as this sun-kissed Mediterranean nation. From the mountainous mainland to the six thousand islands that dot the turquoise waters of the Aegean and Ionian, Greece has thousands of holidays possibilities.

Getting here and around

Athens Airport is the main international hub although many smaller islands have direct connections to European destinations. Ferries can be an experience but are slow and busy. Island hopping is best done by domestic transfer, private plane, helicopter or yacht. Driving can be a little challenging/downright scary for non-locals so we highly recommend private chauffeur driven cars.

Climate & seasons

Summer is mid-June to mid-September. This is prime beach season, which also means busy season. Spring is May to mid-June, Autumn is mid-September to October – these two shoulder seasons are cooler, less ideal for sand-based holidays but great for sightseeing. A visit in Winter is not recommended.

Where to go

Delve into 4,500 years of history in the underrated Peloponnese peninsula with sites like Corinth and Olympia. Take in the vertiginous wonder of Meteora in the north. Explore Athens and find Ancient Greek culture living side-by-side with ultra-hip bars and trendy restaurants. Visit Mykonos to party until the sun comes up or Santorini to savour the sun coming down. Head to Crete, Zakynthos or Chalkidiki to indulge on soft sand beaches with the family. Or just set sail on the Aegean and let fate take you where it will.

What to do

No country is perfect but for luxury holidaymakers, Greece comes pretty close. It simply ticks so many boxes. The choice of high-end hotels and resorts is superb. There’s an almost endless list of historical and cultural sights, the cuisine is sublime and there is such incredible variety to the authentic natural wonders. Eat, drink, sail, swim, relax, soak up the sun, or delve deep into history. Whatever your preference, Greece has you covered.

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