There is something otherworldly about watching a bird of prey glide in long slow arcs below you. People shouldn’t be this high, we definitely shouldn’t be building dwellings at this altitude – yet in the Fourteenth century, an ascetic community of monks did just that here in northern Greece. Using only ropes and buckets. Witnessing the monasteries of Meteora teetering miraculously on the tops of natural rock pillars 400 metres above the valley floor is a sight that needs to be seen to be believed. It makes a stunning day trip from Athens.

Explore Meteora

4 hours from Athens by car, or 2.5 hours from Thessaloniki. For those wanting a local experience, there’s the train but it can’t be recommended for comfort or convenience. We suggest the much more enjoyable hour-long private helicopter trip from the capital. On the ground hiring a private driver to meet you between monasteries or hikes is the best way to make the most of your time and the hilly terrain.

Climate & seasons

Meteora is impressive all year round. Summer increases the chances of blue skies but means more crowds and more heat. The shoulder seasons are the ideal time to visit. April to mid-June and September to November are quiet and neither too hot nor too cold.

Where to go

Visitors to Meteora come for the monasteries and scenery, not for the hotels. There are no real high-end options for luxury travellers that’s why we recommend the experience best done as a day trip from Athens. However, the local hotels are far from terrible – just don’t expect the genuine 5* standard you will receive elsewhere in Greece.

What to do

Six of the original 24 monasteries remain and these will be the main focus of any visit. There are many hiking options for the more active visitors to enjoy. While sunset or sunrise hot balloon rides are a more sedate and romantic way to embrace the scenery. Why not take a professional photographer to document your trip and teach you how to capture that perfect shot? Let us know and we can arrange this in advance.

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