The Philippines will be paradise, if you do the holiday right. It can be romantic, family friendly, pure escapism or exotic adventure. It’s all about knowing the best places in a green archipelago where much remains unexplored.

Explore Phillipines

Over 7000 tropical islands in the Pacific. Ancient rice terraces, rumbling volcanoes and white sand for endless kilometres. A relaxed mix of histories and cultures, now complemented by some world-class beachside resorts. But also a few big ugly cities and some torrid overtourism. And this is definitely not the place for following the crowds.

Getting here and around

The country’s main international airport is in the capital city Manila, a one-stop flight from Europe via Istanbul, Doha, Dubai or Abu Dhabi. It’s best to get around using domestic flights, which connect most of the islands and key destinations. Yacht charters are a lovely addition to a holiday as well.

Climate & seasons

The Philippines is a great destination for winter sun. Almost the entire country is dry, sunny and warm from November to February. March to May are also good, but temperatures reach the mid thirties and the humidity can be intense. Late-May to October is the wet season.

Where to go

A Philippines holiday is best planned around the very best Philippines beachside resorts. There are thousands of incredible beaches, but the Philippines is significantly behind Indonesia in terms of offering a wide variety of top luxury resorts. Amanpulo, Shangri-La Boracay and Nay Palad Hideaway are all great places to stay at opposite ends of the country.

What to do

The Philippines is a beach destination, where the pace is slow and days roll by under the sun. Both scuba diving and snorkelling are superb, across the country. There are hints of old Asian and European cultures to uncover. Travelling inland you’ll find rice terraces, volcano adventures and lots of nature. But when you’re not on the beach, the best thing to do is charter a yacht and cruise to another island.

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