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Far-flung islands in the Pacific, where palm trees sway and lava still bubbles away. Where epic waterfalls hide in tangled rainforest and humpback whales breach beneath precipitous cliffs. Hawaii can still conjure the image of tropical paradise, of blissful beaches, laid-back days and dominant nature. These heavenly islands are developing rapidly and there’s more to them than hula dancers. So bring your adventurous spirit and combine your beach days with fresh experiences in the archipelago’s phenomenal nature.

Explore Hawaii

Remote Pacific islands are never the easiest destinations to get to. Expect a flight time of around 24 hours when coming from Central and Eastern Europe, usually with flights via San Francisco or Los Angeles. Honolulu is the largest airport and from here there are charter services to our favourite island, Lanai. The island of Hawaii (also known as the Big Island) and the island of Maui have their own airports. Maui’s small airport is the most convenient, plus it’s closest to Europe and Lanai.

Climate & seasons

Hawaii is genuinely a year-round destination, with temperatures perennially sticking between 23 and 30℃. There’s less rain between March and September, while January to March brings the biggest surf swells.

Where to go

Each main island has its own character and range of experiences, so it’s worth exploring more than one. Lanai, the smallest, offers beach tranquillity and exclusivity - there are only two hotels and both are operated by Four Seasons. The island of Hawaii is the largest, a place of active volcanoes with their hissing craters and bubbling lava fields. Kauai is the wildest, Maui has a honeymoon-style remote island paradise feel, while Molokai is the least developed and has great outdoor experiences. Oahu is comfortably the most populated, home of legendary names like Pearl Harbor, Honolulu and Waikiki. Yet it too retains picturesque outdoor places.

What to do

Helicopter over an active volcano, or take a boat and watch the lava fall into the sea. Hike through forests and gorges then along remote cliffs. Swim in waterfalls. Snorkel with manta rays in the night or giant sea turtles in the day. Watch the whales leap and frolic with their young. Find your own deserted beach. Connect with Hawaii’s indigenous culture. This archipelago offers some incredible things to do and you don’t necessarily need to be super fit or adventurous to try them. Combine them with your tranquil days on the beaches and in the spas.

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