Envision a floating world where time has no meaning, everyone is a VIP, and the sea is as clear as the Champagne in your glass. Now book a flight to the Maldives and see your fantasy take form.

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This tiny Indian Ocean nation is made up of 1192 coral islands and sandbanks. 100 of these natural wonders have been transformed into postcard-perfect resorts by the world’s leading purveyors of high-end opulence – each vying to out lavish its neighbour and be chosen as the one to fulfil your tropical island dreams. A favourite of privacy loving celebrities and adored by discerning honeymooners looking for the ultimate romantic break money can buy. 

Getting here and around

The airport on Malé atoll is the international gateway to this island nation. From there each individual island resort will organise a transfer – for some like One&Only Reethi Rah this will be by boat – but for the majority, it will be a seaplane trip of less than an hour. For the most remote atolls, this may be a combination of domestic flight and speedboat.. The seaplanes are generally shared – usually up to 15 seats – although we can arrange private transfers upon request. The flights only operate during daylight hours which is fortunate as the short hop from Malé to your island paradise is often a truly unforgettable experience.

Climate & seasons

Paradise is open for business all year round and the sun can come out at any time. The peak season for low-rain and clear skies is January to April but this always means higher rates. May to October comes with more rain and a far bigger risk of a run of cloudy days. But with this risk comes great options in terms of price. November to mid-December is something of a shoulder season and is a great time to get good prices and decent weather. Christmas and New Year visitors can expect to pay up to triple the prices of even high season.

Where to go

To a private coral atoll with one of the best resorts in the world. While the collection of uber high-end island stays in the Maldives may look similar at first glance we can assure you there are big differences between them and choosing the right stay for you matters a lot when prices are this high. Whether you are looking for a family break, the ultimate in honeymoon luxury or a diving wonderland– we can recommend the ideal spot for you. This could even be a resort with a house-reef or the Four Seasons Explorer – a tropical island cruise unlike any other.

What to do

Relax in unprecedented luxury. Lounge in perfect isolation on the finest white sand beaches the world has to offer. Dangle your feet in the crystal clear sea from your overwater villa. Dine on gourmet cuisine and let exceptional spa therapists rid you of whatever stressful connection your body still has to the real world. Snorkel or scuba dive in the most mind-boggling marine environment planet Earth has to offer.

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