A unique history has left Cuba as a secluded skanzen, however this natural open-air exhibit won’t be left alone for long. In fact, its beauty is being talked about increasingly. So bump it to the top of your bucket list, before it draws in big crowds. The towns and coasts are gorgeous, but really it's about the people. The culture is rich in colonial history with a Caribbean twang. So if you do opt for Cuba, be prepared to immerse yourself. Expect adventure in the most authentic form. It’s so much more than just a beach destination. As such luxury is not super extravagant, but these details are exactly what shape the charm.

Explore Cuba

While there are direct flights from a number of European cities, it can also be typical to transit in the US. An alternative entry option is by sea, with ferries and yachts departing from Miami. However, flying is definitely faster and more convenient. Once on the island, the best way to get around is by taxi or chauffeured car. This mode is undoubtedly the quickest, most comfortable and hassle-free.

Climate & seasons

For the most sunshine and little rain, October to April is your best bet. May till September is considered the wet season. However, July does hold enticement for those who wish to experience something unique and different, as this is the month the anniversary of the Revolution and Carnival of Santiago are celebrated.

Where to go

Vibrant capital Havana is a must in all itineraries, both for its bustle and the fact it hosts the only true five-star property in Cuba. Beyond the city, Vinales acts as an epic gateway to mountains and valleys. Then there’s Trinidad, one of the best preserved colonial towns left in the country. Beach lovers will be spoiled by the shorelines of Varadero. Finally, for those seeking the path not as beaten, the nation offers further treasures. They come in the form of Sancti Spiritus, Cienfuegos, El Nicho and Cayo Coco.

What to do

Within this isolated and nostalgic land there is something for everyone, whether you are a city fanatic, nature lover or beach dweller. However, the best itineraries combine all these aspects, starting with art galleries and cultural tours in Havana. Food markets and rumba with locals pick up the pace, before moving on to the lush hills and plantations of Vinales, where romantic horse rides and the cigar industry most thrive. Immerse yourself in heritage at Trinidad next, with its cobblestone maze of historical corners. And last but not least for those craving downtime, there’s scenic island stays and languid beach lounging.

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