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Scotland revels in its authenticity. Wild landscapes roll uninhabited, deserted beaches hide beneath cliffs, tiny villages evoke yesteryear and there’s no limit to the exploration. Scotland is not like England, or the rest of Europe. Its rugged and dramatic nature is complemented by intriguing cities and experiences Scotland does better than anywhere. Like whisky, golf, outdoor adventure, sleeping in a castle and close-up cultural encounters. If you seek somewhere traditional, different or just simply beautiful, Scotland should be high on your list.

Explore Scotland

Both Glasgow and Edinburgh have direct flight connections to Prague and these two main cities are only 70 kilometres apart. From London it’s most comfortable to travel by high-speed train and if rail is your thing, there are some spectacular luxury train journeys through remote Scotland. The rural roads are either a beautiful delight or a time-consuming nightmare dependent on your perspective; if it’s the latter then opt for a scenic helicopter.

Climate & seasons

Scotland is best between May and September, when you can enjoy the outdoors on most days. It’s cold the rest of the year and can be wet in any month, but in summer you have long days for exploration. Weather is the primary reason for Scotland’s lack of popularity, but when you do have a sunny day it’s one of the most splendid countries on the planet.

Where to go

Edinburgh is oh so enchanting, a regal and relaxed capital city where it’s easy to be whisked away into history. Nearby Glasgow is completely different - gritty and new-world cool. But arguably the main attraction is to get out into Scotland’s marvellous landscapes, like the lochs (lakes), glens (valleys), remote islands and castle-laden coastline. If you’re short on time then the Scottish Highlands are the winner in this regard. Cute towns and villages abound, the secret is to find the castles you can use as an overnight base for exploration.

What to do

Meet distillers as you tour the world’s finest whisky distilleries. Cruise across lakes and helicopter around dramatic mountain landscapes. Get outdoors and savour the adventure, even if it’s at the leisurely pace of a championship golf course. You’ll find castles galore and plenty of battlefield history as well, along with local festivities and Scotland’s vastly different cities. And get to know the locals - if you want fun and interesting encounters then Scotland is a place for you.

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