Explorer Mag

Explorer by EliteVoyage is a coffee table travel magazine showcasing next season’s inspirations and trends, by celebrating the people and places who redefine the best of travel.


At EliteVoyage we are exclusively focused on the very best in travel. We’re always asking what’s new, what’s changed, who, where, what and why. This is essential for us to create the very best holidays for our clients. 

We wanted a platform to share this knowledge with our clients, not as a brochure, but as a work of art that reflects the beauty and innovation of our world. It’s filled with interviews, trip reports, guides, new hotels and experiences, places where hospitality is being reimagined.  

We are a travel agency. Explorer magazine is a passion project sharing our wonder for the world. It presents the experience that awaits people, when they travel beyond the same few things that everybody else knows. 

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Published twice per year, Explorer is sold across the Czech Republic & Slovakia and also distributed directly to our clients and brand partners.

We also print a limited edition English version.

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