Tailormade Truffle Hunt & Tasting in Piemont

Engage in a search that dates back centuries, as you scour the woods of Piedmont in pursuit of truffles. Roam the forest beside local hunters. Let them lead you through the history behind the trade. Your companions are expert trackers of the field. Their stories offer special insights.

This is an experience that is entirely customisable. Enjoy a private pick-up from your hotel first thing, before arriving at a rustic farmhouse and meeting the trained truffle dogs. Commence in the thrills of the chase together. An indulgent tasting of truffles with fine cheeses comes next, paired excellently with a glass of vintage Tuscan wine.

What follows, you decide. Your hunt can be combined with an intimate homemade meal, or an exclusive tour through famed wineries. Relish secluded strolls through flourishing vineyards. Visit UNESCO villages nestled nearby. There are even truffle fairs and festivals in the autumn – the perfect culmination to enrich the day’s hunt.

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